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Karin Forssell, Ph.D.

Learning Experience Research and Design

Using research from the learning sciences and learning-centered design processes to create elegant and effective digital tools.

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Learning Design and Technology master's program 
and GSE Makery

Tools at the GSE Makery
GSE Makery

Learn to make. Make to learn.

The GSE Makery provides equipment and support for the Graduate School of Education community to improve lives through hands-on learning.


I teach about the process of designing effective tools and environments for
teaching and learning in the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

As a learning experience designer, I am constantly refining the content and activities
in my courses. Together with my students I explore the current trends in
technology, empirical research, and conceptual frameworks. We apply these lenses
to needs in real-world learning settings. I stay informed about the realities in schools through my
part-time position as teacher on special assignment (technology) at JLS Middle School.


I study the choices people make in learning about and using new digital tools, with a special interest in teachers as learners and the design process. 

I am fascinated by interactions between learners and the technologies that surround them. My current interests include maker space education, teacher technology adoption, and parenting in a digital world. 

A theory of change for learning

Featured Publications

Bowen, K., Forssell, K. S., & Rosier, S. (2020). Theories of Change in Learning Experience (LX) Design. In Learner and User Experience Research: An Introduction for the Field of Learning Design & Technology.

Forssell, K. (2019, August 13). How Effective Is Your Edtech Tool? Five Questions to AskEdtech Marketplace Today Blog Series at

Forssell, K. (2019). CHM Learning Lab: A Special Place for Learning About Learning. The Computer History Museum CORE Magazine.

Krauskopf, K. & Forssell, K. (2018). When knowing is believing: A multi-trait analysis of self-reported TPCK. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.

Forssell, K. (2016). Making Meaningful Advances: TPACK for Designers of Learning Tools. In Handbook of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) for educators

Karin Forssell